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Welcome to iWorldSchool Online Learning Community (OLC)

iWorldSchool Online Learning Community uses the Accelerate Online Curriculum for students grades K – 12. iWorldSchool offers a tuition-based, flexible, yet rigorous virtual education experience with a rich, interactive curriculum guided by a highly qualified and effective teacher. Whether you choose to enroll as a full-time student or you need an individual class, we offer courses in all content areas of study. The Accelerate curriculum is accredited by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission.

Students can enroll for a year or in semester-long increments. K-12 online classes can be offered in the summer or during the regular school year. Pacing guides are created based on the individual start and end dates so that students can plan each week accordingly, offering the flexibility needed while also meeting the course requirements. Teachers help keep students engaged and on-target by providing timely and personalized feedback for each assignment and meeting with students regularly.

iWorld School Vision & Values

A good school is not only about the facilities, curriculum, and resources. It is about the community and our core values.

Our core values are represented in our Vision Statement — “We are driven by our values, and our pursuit for excellent online education, and dedication to engage and empower a community of diverse learners.”

This means that iWorldSchool students will be given the tools to gain skills and strategies to help them grow and become impactful in their communities.